Elefante’s topical line originated as Canna Care over a decade ago. Canna Care was created by herbal care expert, Tamarya Hulme. Canna Care joined Elefante’s family of brands in 2018. We strive to maintain Tamarya’s original mission by using wholesome and sustainable ingredients, as well as whole plant cannabis extracts, and hand crafting every batch in house from start to finish to ensure quality and effectiveness. Our whole plant infusions yield a balanced spectrum of therapeutic cannabinoids and herbal constituents in each of our products. Our formulas contain actively therapeutic ingredients designed to provide real relief, and we never use any fillers or “natural fragrance”. Additionally, all our ingredients are third party tested for purity and potency.

Elefante’s topicals team is comprised of Tamarya Hulme and our in-house herbalist, Lindsay Crochet, both of whom have cultivated and harvested every herbal plant in our original formulas. Through their years of combined experience, they know exactly how things should taste, smell, and feel, taking painstaking care to only partner with farmers who care as much about sustainability and meaningful relationships as we do.

Elefante is committed to progress in the science of healing with cannabis and we are very proud to have Canna Care as part of the Elefante Family. Through research and development at our in-house laboratory as well as collaboration with experts in the field, we endeavor to provide the most effective and comprehensive natural care for you. We currently offer pain relieving salves and body creams, and soon we will also stock bath salts, lip balm, and other interesting topical applications. 



Hash comes in many grades, as does the cannabis from which it is made. At Elefante, we strive to make use of all grades of hash so as to minimize our impact on the environment, as well as maximize the usefulness of the plant. This not only lessens the carbon footprint of each product, but also allows for us to give our farmers the best price for their goods. The common grades of hash and their uses are highly variable, and so we have detailed a list to help you decide which grade is right for you.  

1-2 star hash

Usually washed from the 25/160 micron bags of high quality biomass or regular preferred micron (73/90/120) of lower quality biomass, these products are usually discarded because often times they turn out green and leave heavy residue. Often referred to as no melt, but still containing thc content. Comparable to moroccan hash and better off smoked in a bowl or joint. We also make use of these grades in our topical formulation to fortify our concentrations with no compromise on quality of end product. 

3 star hash

Low grade hash washed from common biomass/outdoor biomass, is typically of darker color and constitution. When it is rosined, returns are usually around 60% by weight. Normal modes of consumption can be on heated quartz for vapor, or similar to 1-2 star, rolled into a joint, or packed into a bowl. This grade is what your parents think of when they think of “Hash”. 

4 star hash 

Middle grade hash washed from non fresh-frozen biomass or outdoor biomass is slightly better than the 3 star tier. This grade is often known as “half melt”, and comes from 40u washes of high quality material or preferred micron sizes of common biomass washes (73/90/120 micron). This usually rosins and leaves minimal residue. It can be vaporized, smoked in a joint, and packed in a bowl. Rosin returns are usually at 65-70%. 

5 star hash

High quality hash washed from fresh frozen material (usually a designated hash producing plant) and often the 73 micron or 90 micron hash that leaves a slight residue behind when vaporized. It is usually blonde, and you can also tell by the rosin yield percentage. This is the most prevalent grade of smokable ice water extract, and usually rosins at 80%.

6 star hash

6 star hash is of the highest quality ice water extract. It is made from fresh frozen material by a strain-specific hash plant. Usually only 73 and 90 microns, and sometimes an extremely clean 120 micron wash. This grade is not recommended to rosin, but will rosin at 90+% yield. It is known as full melt due to that it leaves no residue behind when vaporized with the correct equipment and techniques. The most ideal method of consumption is vaporization.

rosin-7 star

Not all rosin is 7 star, but all rosin is usually cleaner than the hash it was used to make it. Rosin is a heat and pressure extraction of any micron hash through a variable micron silk or stainless steel screen. The screen acts as a sieve to catch any of the particulates that would otherwise dirty your vaporization apparatus. 7 star rosin is made only from 6 star hash, having truly no particulate or carbon as opposed to lower grades of hash being made into rosin. Other grades of rosin are preferred by a variety of consumers, but the creme de la creme is made from 6 star only.


Primary Extraction and Distillation

As a type 6 licensed manufacturer, Elefante is equipped to perform primary extraction, solvent recovery, and distillation in-house. This assures that the distillate we use to create our products is of the highest standard and quality. We use 100% USDA organic cane ethanol to perform our extraction, so as to maintain that our products include no corn, wheat, or soy in ANY form, as well as maintain use of organic products as much as possible. 

We meticulously sift our starting material and remove any excess fan leaf and stem prior to extraction. Then we perform the solvent extraction at -70C which allows us to bypass winterization due to the fatty acids in the plant material being left behind. The polarity and temperature of the extraction solvent also allows us to bypass the unintentional extraction of chlorophyll and other undesirable compounds. The tincture then travels along a series  of screens allowing the fluid to clarify and shed the particulate matter. This then feeds the product through a proprietary filtration system for color correction or pesticide remediation (when necessary), ensuring we only extract the pure essential components of the plant prior to distillation. Next, we utilize a falling film solvent recovery system to recoup the ethanol used in primary extraction. This ethanol can then be clarified and reused for future extraction with no compromise in quality. The entire process is performed on a closed loop system; the extraction, filtration, decarb, and distillation. This allows us to create a myriad of potential SKU’s such as RSO, Shatter, sauce, cannabis terpenes and even THCa crystals.

The base product of high THC distillate is then used to create our vegan gummies, vape cartridges, and many other products which do not require full plant extract. We take great pride in manufacturing distillate of the highest grade, and find no room for compromise when crafting our products.

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