Just about everyone loves gummies, almost as much as cannabis, but we typically found that there was a necessary amount of imagination required to enjoy both cannabis edibles, as well as vegan products which were focused on recreating the experience of their non-vegan counterparts. This was due to many factors, but the result was that the vegan products were not as satisfying as they would otherwise be, and cannabis products often left a bitter aftertaste, if not an overwhelming flavor of cannabis. We sought to remedy this by creating a product which was not only enjoyable, but in every way indiscernible from unmedicated and non-vegan products. As such, we crafted our first batch of vegan cannabis gummies in the spring of 2017!

We wanted to make a product that most anyone could enjoy, and that we felt was safe to share with our family and friends. We expanded on this idea by making the gummies organic, non-GMO, gelatin and gluten free. Our reluctance to use corn syrup led us to use pre-biotic fiber tapioca syrup instead. Just as well, many common food colorings are rather undesirable, and so we prefer naturally derived food colorings from real foods such as beets and turmeric.

Our portion sizes have been designed to meet the needs of most any consumer. We offer single servings at a lower dosage, as well as our quik pak for more experienced users and convenience. Currently, we are also developing our cbd vitamin gummies for daily use and premiere cannabis flavored gummies for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned and see what Elefante has in store! 

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